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beautiful polaroids!


Wow, gorgeous polaroids. I love the blue tones. What film are you using here? I bought an SX-70 recently and I'm still learning the best ways to use her.

Kite Tails

Amanda and Dottie thank you so much!
Dottie, the SX-70 is an AMAZING camera! I have to admit reading Amanda's blog not only inspired me but gave me the courage to try my hand with the SX-70 and though challenging for the new user such as myself every photo I've taken has been absolutely enjoyable! The film I use currently is 779 that exp. in 06. I purchased a large lot of the film off eBay in attempt to lower my cost per shot. Each pack is different though, the blues I captured in Key West all came from one individual pack of 10. The randomness if half the fun of it though. Best wishes with your new SX-70, I'm sure you'll love it!

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